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Choosing a Coach

Private Lessons
It is time to choose a coach when you are want to compete, test, or are ready for individual instruction.

We recommend using one of the South Davis Recreation Center’s Staff Pros. These coaches are all certified by US Figure Skating Professional Skating Association, have been background checked, have met insurance requirements, and have earned US Figure Skating Gold Medals. 

Some coaches work as individuals, and others coach as teams. Many coaches specialize in jumping, spinning, or choreography.

It is wise to schedule trial lessons with more than one coach before making a decision about which coach will be the best fit for your skater. Visit for bios of our staff coaches.

How to Support Your Skater:

  • Volunteer with the Club.

  • Learn about the sport.

  • Keep your skater involved with decisions.

  • Watch lessons when possible.

  • Praise skaters for how hard they work, rather than how talented they are.

  • Bring your skater to the rink often enough that they can be successful. Skating relies on muscle memory.

  • Prevent injury by focusing on proper technique, and attending off ice conditioning.

  • Recognize that training a figure skater is a marathon, not a sprint.

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